Limo Atlantic City Pricing Policies

Limo Atlantic City strives to provide fair pricing to our customers at all times. We do not have "set" pricing because we work to maximize your value, and at the same time keep a steady profit for us.

Why does our pricing vary? Well, we fluctuate our pricing to compensate for higher and lower operating costs. This allows us to maintain our profit margin and, when we can, give you a reduced rate because our costs are down.

In the end, you'll be able to save the most money when our costs are down. You'll find that our costs are lowest when our demand is low. Demand drives our pricing up because we are then required to keep more workers on hand to keep the fleet operating at perfect efficiency, and we're required to keep the maintenance crew on hand to keep the vehicles spotless for each and every client. We want each and every run to have a perfect vehicle, and we spare no expense in keeping them that way.

With that background info now, you can properly plan around our busy times of the year.. if possible. This way you can maximize your value. Seasons to watch are prom/wedding season in the spring, autumn also sees an increase in activity with sporting events and homecomings. And beyond the season, you can plan to rent on a lower demand day, which is basically any day not named Friday or Saturday. With these simple guidelines, you can plan ahead and save some serious cash for your experience with us!

Some information that you'll need to get an out the door quote:

  • We will require the date of your event. This allows us to determine appropriate pricing as well as ascertaining our availability for the day of your special occasion.
  • We will need to know how many people we will need to comfortably accommodate. This permits us to again, ascertain availability as well as giving us the proper information to provide appropriate vehicle recommendations.
  • We will need to know which Zip Code you will start your trip in. This allows us to properly assess any possible fuel surcharges as well as allowing for the proper drive time to get to your starting point.
  • We will also need to know how much time you'll require our services. Since our rates are hourly, this gives us the requisite information to provide you with your out the door quote.